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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Techkriti'12 Stocksim and IOPC


Techkriti- the Annual Technical and Entrepreneurial festival of IIT Kanpur is back with two of its most awaited online events: IOPC and Stocksim.

IOPC is the annual International Online Programming Contest of IIT Kanpur. It is a prestigious programming contest where each coder whacks his brain to code solutions to the given problems. It is the place where optimization and proficiency matters, skills matter, hard work matters and winning loads of cash prizes matter!

For more details and registration Click Here <http://www.techkriti.org/#/competitions/iopc/iopc/rules/> !!

We have also launched Stocksim: The Virtual Stock Trading Game. Played by thousands of participants across the country, this game will give you a good taste about the stock trading.

For more information, click here:http://www.techkriti.org/register/#/competitions/stocksim/

Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/techkriti

Team Techkriti

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