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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pragyan'12-The International Techno-Management Festival of NIT Trichy is back with its 8th edition

Pragyan 2012

The International Techno-Management Festival of NIT Trichy

The National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli prides itself on being one of the foremost Engineering colleges of India. Set in the town of Trichy, whose cultural history needs no introduction, NITT is known to provide an environment for extending knowledge beyond just the curriculum. Its students, coming from diverse backgrounds, break all cultural and barriers and come together in organizing Pragyan 2012, a techno-management fest of International magnitude.

Conceived in 2005, Pragyan (Sanskrit, for Supreme Intelligence) undoubtedly is the best brainstorm by the NITT students. The academic exposure guaranteed by the fest is unbelievable. Interaction with technical geniuses, management gurus, and renowned scientists is ensured. Students from all over India participate, enriching themselves.

The following gamut of events awaits you…For updates follow us on

Register at www.pragyan.org

For updates follow us on Facebook page www.facebook.com/pragyan.nitt


Let the coder in you surface with a variety coding contests, which will test everything from speed to logic, style to accuracy. Come see if all those hours of adding structure and color to the 1's and 0's in front of a computer screen have paid off! Bring a quick wit and a sharp mind
for this one…

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org
Engineering Tomorrow:

This is an opportunity to exploit the engineer in you; chase the complexities, race the simulations and conquer the complications. There's a boundless battlefield to explore and innovate; anything from tormenting circuits, mind-boggling programs to piles of scrap junk! Events to flame the skies, burn the waters and spray dirt and more… Buck up and get ready to enlighten tomorrow!

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org

Robotics is at the heart of all upcoming technology. If you believe you have the innovation, Pragyan will give you a platform to test your skill. Will your robot win in the battle of the smartest minds?

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org

"The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

A nice mish mash of events open to all, where one has to put forth the unseen perspective to succeed. So, rack your brains, think out of the box and float your perspicacity. Roll up your sleeves and charge to revolutionize human lives with your innovations..!.

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org


Who said technology is only about codes and robotics? Come discover the creative side of technology, see it take forms in various diverse areas, including art, writing and movie making. Us technology buffs can incorporate it into practically every field!

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

Once thought of as the epitome of environmental devastation and atmospheric pollution, engineering has become a means of curing the ills it once wrought. With sustainable technologies taking the upper hand in every sphere, innovations that are on par with these expectations are called for. Taking up this spirit, Pragyan puts forth a platform to give these conceptions a real sense. Global warming and climate change are for real… And so is the fact that it's not too late. So buck up, get your grey cells moving. A green lifestyle combined with original thinking can save our planet.

The world is getting more serious about the environment - but what about you?

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org

Calling the veterans and neophytes alike to turn their minds on and churning; for Brainwork is one larder of events that is sure to fry gray matter. Whether it be brain wrecking puzzlers, cogitation, quizzes or just plain simple Science; these contests call those who think themselves
worthy to put their thought-organizing and knowledge-parading skills to the test…

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org

Enter the penguin.

If you got caught in the wheels of Red Hats, Debians and Slackware, and are itching to show off; be our guests! OpeNIT is a treat to those bitten by the Linux bug. A set of events that give a glimpse of the FOSS world…

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org


Pragyan wouldn't be techno-management, if it weren't for the events that test the entrepreneurial and business acumen of our participants! Here, our contestants turn themselves into many things; from mean, business-minded strategists to share-market sharks to the apprentice. At the end of the day, these events are all about raking in the moolah! After all, it's just good business; and that's the way the cookie crumbles…

Each year the success of the fest makes it impossible to believe it could be made better and yet every year Pragyan attains newer heights. Pragyan 2012, scheduled from 23rd to 26th February, will be no exception to this trend… So this is a battle cry for all the Pragyan of the world.

For Registrations click on www.pragyan.org

Let us unite and ignite our passion,

Let's Celebrate Technology…

For updates follow our facebook page : www.facebook.com/pragyan.nitt
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