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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Entrepreneurship - Has your friend's startup featured in TechAloo?

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneurs,

TechAloo aims to help young entrepreneurs with the tools and information required in their entrepreneurial venture. It will try to provide right information and basic know how of entrepreneurship and startup culture. It will further inspire budding entrepreneurs from the success stories of other successful startups.

For beginners guide on entrepreneurship following articles will be useful

1. Founder's Dilemma -http://techaloo.com/founders-dilemma-rich-or-king/

2. How to measure if your business idea is flawed? - http://techaloo.com/signs-of-flawed-business-idea/

3. Properties of successful business idea - http://techaloo.com/successful-business-idea-properties/

We have featured some of the fast growing startups founded by undergraduates during their course of study or immidiately after their graduation.

Flipkart : India's answer to Amazon - It is growing at very fast pace with more than 2 million users per day, Its in top 20 Alexa rank website in India.

GPL4You.com: Nurturing dreams jobs - It is growing at an incredible pace with more than 60 thousand registered users from 2011 batch and more than 300,000+ monthly visitors.

Please join us at :

Twitter: @techaloo http://twitter.com/#!/techaloo

With thanks & best regards.
Katie McDaniel

Important: Please let us know if you or your friends are building a startup and you believe in it. We would like to see them successful and write an exclusive interview about the companies and their CEO/Founders.

Send us the following information: Name of the founders, name of company and their website, when was it founded their colleges, e-mail id of the contact person(if possible), few words about their products/services, success/journey so far, award if any, etc.

There are a few lucky draw prizes for the senders who helped their friends' company to get featured at Techaloo.

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