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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Internship at Rakshak Foundation

Rakshak Foundation is a non-profit organization that researches different public issues and creates awareness about them. Rakshak has used several
different ways to achieve this goal.The Foundation has been submitting well researched opinions on various bills being considered for presentation to the Indian Parliament. It has also been invited by the Parliamentary Committees of the Rajya Sabha three times in the past two years to depose before them and present their views on proposed Bills which would affect the whole nation once they are enacted by the Parliament.

Rakshak Foundation’s Internship program is a professional development program intended to advance Rakshak Foundation’s goals with a pipeline of top university talent and, in turn, provide students with practical learning experience in the area of public policy issues and citizen participation in governance. More about it can be found at http://www.rakshakfoundation.org/internship-program/ Internees will be given a topic in their choice of field and be asked to work on various aspects of the topic such as social, economic and legal aspects of the topic for a duration of 9 – 11 weeks (depending on the topic). Students can work from their home.

Stipend: Rs 10000/- shall be given only after the satisfactory completion of Internship

All students of all years from AE, BT, CH, CE, CS, ED, EE, ME, MM are eligible to apply.
Applications can be filled at http://www.rakshakfoundation.org/internship-program/ . Candidates shortlisted have to attend an off-Campus interview.

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