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Monday, August 15, 2011


It's about smartness, it's about professionalism, it's about being
animated, it's about igniting your imagination, it's about perceiving
your passion, it's about transcending your thoughts, it's about being
an engineer, it's about ORBITCE.

8 hours of battle, 12 arenas to confront, 36 final gladiators, 1 big
clash. A battle is not always with swords and armours, Be a warrior,
get ready for the battle. The battle begins on 26th August.

Orbitce 2k11 is the National level technical symposium of ECE dept of
SSN College of engineering. This time it's bigger and better than ever
with newer events and lots of prize money awaiting. The official
website for orbitce2k11 is http://www.oritce.in/. The events are
1. Paper Presentation - http://www.orbitce.in/paperpres.php

2. Project Display - http://www.orbitce.in/projdisp.php

3. Freeze Quiz - http://www.orbitce.in/freezequiz.php

4. Treasure Hunt- http://www.orbitce.in/treasurehunt.php

5. Mathomania - http://www.orbitce.in/mathomania.php

6. M-Guru - http://www.orbitce.in/mguru.php

7. Junkyard Junkies - http://www.orbitce.in/junkyard.php

8. Circuit Debugging - http://www.orbitce.in/circuitrix.php

9. Robotics - http://www.orbitce.in/robotics.php

10. Progrmming- http://www.orbitce.in/programming.php

11.Be a prof- http://www.orbitce.in/beaprof.php

12.How stuffs work?- http://www.orbitce.in/howstuff.php

Apart from this we have many informal events including gaming. Like
previous year we are having campus ambassadors this time. Campus
ambassadors will be provided with a certificate of high profile and a
mega cash prize for the best campus ambassador. Interested people
please mail your details to orbitce2k11@gmail.com or text to these
numbers 956613411 or 9500196901.

Official Website: http://www.orbitce.in/index.php
Mail id: orbitce2k11@gmail.com
Facebook account: orbitce ssn
On-line Events: http://www.orbitce.in/contest.php
Campus Ambassadors: http://www.orbitce.in/campus.php

Kamaleshwar: 9500196901
Naveen :9003504343

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