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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kshitij IIT Kharagpur techno-management fest 27th to 30th January 2012

Kshitij is the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur. It is the largest techno-management fest in the Asia. Kshitij has started its journey in 2004 with only 400 participants and now it has spread over the whole nation with more than 50,000 participants throughout India. khsitij has more than 45 events and these events are divided into online events, on-spot events and submissions. The online events start from this October and goes on till the fest dates. Many students from abroad also participate in these online events like Woodstock, C-monopoly and Forex. On-spot events like Overnite, Kryotech, Terra Drifters, Laws of motion, B plans are conducted during the fest at Kharagpur. A problem-statement would be given to teams and sufficient time would be given to them for their preparation. Submissions are about giving solutions to the given general problems.

This time Kshitij dates are from 27th to 30th January 2012. Our official website is www.ktj.in which is completely student-run website with 8 million clicks last year. We conduct guest lectures every year. Many eminent personalities come down to Kharagpur to deliver their
knowledge and wisdom to the students through these seminars and guest lectures. The co-founder of Wikipedia Mr. Jimmy Donald Wales, NASA director Mr.Charles Elacha, Prahalad Kakkar AD GURU and many more have come here during the fest. Interactive workshops have been performed based on array of topics like Autonomous Robotics, Rubik's cube, 3D animation, Solar car, Modular robots an many more. Venturing into the social sector, Gram Pragati- a Social Initiative was conducted by Kshitij to initiate a change in the rural way of life. The certifications from ASME, ASHRAE, ASM, IME, ACM make Kshitij very special and different from other technological fests. Megashows have been a major highlight of Kshitij since its inception in 2004 and have captured the imagination of all the students in the festival. There was UV and PYRO show last year and Acron Dunk kings were here in Kshitij.

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