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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spring Fest 2011, IIT Kharagpur


Years come and they roll on. Memories remain. The urge to surprise oneself is what motivates, to up the ante, to build on the successes of the past, and to surpass them. The 51st edition of Spring Fest was a resounding success, but it only served to increase our seemingly insatiable appetite, to plan something bigger. This January 2011, expect thrills, and chills. The consternation will pervade around, and not just for the plethora of highly competitive events we have on platter. For January 21st to 24th will usher in a new chapter; Spring Fest 2011, the Horror Edition, has been announced!

Here we present the first edition of our newsletter, "VAANI...voices from the darkness" (Click here to view vaani). Replete with all recent developments in Spring Fest, including a host of new events that have been planned, this first edition of Vaani is but a small glimpse of what you can expect in Spring Fest 2011.

But the tolling of the bell has already begun! The Grand Preludio to Spring Fest is scheduled from 25th October onwards. Mesmerizing performances and exciting events, it promises to be a true curtain raiser. A full review, plus more information on SF , in the coming edition.

Visit our website: www.springfest.in

Best regards,
Team Spring Fest.

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