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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kryptx - The Online Treasure Hunt


Greetings from Team KryptX!

We invite you to participate in the online treasure hunt event of Saarang
2011(the annual cultural festival of IIT Madras). Coming new this Saarang is
KryptX, a crazy and wacky online treasure hunt open to one and all. Testing
your intuition to the core, this event has no beginning and no end. Similar to
the legendary Notpron, you are faced with a cascade of levels each with its
own twist tougher than its predecessor. Try your hand ( & brain too :P ) at
this game. The game is open to all - students looking for a new addiction and
also the corporate world that is in need of a break.

This ultimate battle of wits will begin on December 16th @ 6 P.M. Gear up

Come visit this addiction at www.saarang.org/2011/events/online-events/kryptx

Register for it at kryptx.saarang.org

For more updates follow us on Facebook

For more fun and updates, follow our blog kryptx.blogspot.com

Feel free to know more by dropping a mail at kryptx@saarang.org

Team KryptX
Saarang 2011
IIT Madras

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