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Sunday, July 31, 2011

B-PLAN: The IIT Kharagpur Business Plan Competition : Kshitij 2011

B-PLAN: The IIT Kharagpur Business Plan Competition

The business world has been revolutionized by young entrepreneurs with a different take on everything. If you think you've got the calibre and the ambition to rise to those meteoric heights then this is the right forum to present your ideas. One of the flagship events, The IIT Kharagpur Business Plan competition is a platform for the creative geniuses and has been planned to see that ideas attain their deserved mentor-ship, patronization from established industry names. With participation from major Management and Engineering Colleges, it is ideal for proliferous branding among the thinkers of tomorrow. With a head start given to many ideas in the past, the B Plan is among the flagship events of Kshitij.

Team Size: 5

Rules and Regulations:

* The event will be held in two stages.
* The B-Plan need not have a strong technology focus.
* The maximum team size for all the rounds will be 5.
* On the basis of the performance in the first round, 20 teams will be selected for the second and third round.
* The first round is online while the second will be held at IIT Kharagpur with a special 1.5 min 'elevator pitching' round before the final round.

Executive Summary Description:

1. Topic of the plan
2. a description of your company, including your products and/or services
3. mission statement
4. business's management
5. overview of the marketing and sales
6. competitive advantage
7. business's operations
8. financial projections and plans
9. projected growth
10. investment and returns
11. details of team members(names,college,email ids,team id)

The total size of the executive summary shouldn't exceed more than 5 pages and it should cover all the above points briefly.

The font should be 12 pixels Times New Roman with a gap of at least 1.5 between two lines

Incubation Prize Money: Rs. 30 Lakhs

Deadline for Submission: 12th December

More info at http://www.ktj.in/#B_Plan

Keep yourself updated : www.ktj.in

Follow us : http://www.facebook.com/Kshitij.2011

Sayantan Sarkar
Organising Team member,Kshitij 2011
Technology Students' Gymkhana
IIT Kharagpur.
Mobile : 9232267299
email id: sayantan.sarkar1028@gmail.com

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