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Sunday, July 31, 2011

iKnowledge (http://iknowledge.hpage.com)

Hi friends,

PLEASE go through this mail.This is not a commercial forward or those arbitrary threatening forwards.

This is a site created by me(meghanath/maggi) to share eBooks ,Movies,Songs,AND some info about different college events.This site works with the usage of google docs,facebook,and google groups.These three are the speediest mode of transferring info or files.This site will be mostly useful to the students from colleges where there is not LAN(DC ) facility.Rest about the site you can understand while seeing its home page.

Thank you for going through mail.
Now its time for you to visit my site/web page iKnowledge

if the you are unable to go by hyperlink copy and paste iknowledge.hpage.com

Rugada Meghanath (Maggi)
Mechanical Engineering class representative for 2008 batch
IIT Madras

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