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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother అమ్మ ಅಮ್ಮ ಆಯಿ अम्मा அம்மா

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Mother.... అమ్మ....ಅಮ್ಮ.... ಆಯಿ.... अम्मा.... அம்மா.... Whenever she hears the words her heart pounces. Ever thought, she was that little girl who came onto this earth as you did? Where would you have been if she wasn’t there? Is Mother India or rather Mother Earth, a mother of only the masculine? Doesn’t she embrace her daughters? Yes she does! Because the mother earth knows how it feels when someone pierces through her heart for food! Yet she is happy. The beauty of the creation is that it is synonymous with the word female. The reason why all this is being said is……………………. the discussion of the day that has moved the whole nation! Satyameva Jayate! It is an episode worth watching.

Aamir says “If there is a heaven in the world it lies beneath the feet of your mother”. True! Mother gives you unconditional love. It is not just that she brings us into this world but also teaches us how to deal with the world. She feeds you at the cost of her hunger. Today it is so difficult to think of the way how a mother is treated, a mother to-be, a mother is being killed before even she experiences her first breath.

What is going on?
Don’t get so confused, it is so simple. Do you want to share your wife?..No? er., But sorry friend you may have to. The reason being female foeticide! There was this mother on the show who was happy that she was pregnant for the first time. She went for a casual check-up she didn’t know what happened but she slept and she woke up to know that she lost her to-be little angel. This didn’t happen for that one time but for six times in eight years. The sufferer, Ms. Amisha says that even the doctors in the hospital use the code word “jai sri Krishna” for a male foetus else “jai mata di” for female foetus. She wanted to save her next child. She escaped to her parents’ house and bore a female child. She was ostracized by her husband’s family and her child was abducted saying that she would get her baby back only if she signs the divorce papers. What mistake has she done?

You know, the mother never determines the sex of the child it the male spermatozoon that determines the gender of the kid.

Then came Ms. Parveen Khan she gave a birth a to a beautiful girl child only to see her husband abandon her for a while. When she was pregnant for the second time she was forced to abort twice in a row. The next time she didn’t reveal that she was pregnant until she was 5 months into the pregnancy. When she gave birth to a female child, then she was attacked by her husband who bit face like brutal animal! But she survived! Yes to save the mothers to be!

A look back at the census,

The sex ratio is going down, so what? There are 914 girls for 1000 boys. The difference is just 86. But that is for 1000 boys what about the difference for one lakh boys? Ten lakh? 10 crore? 100 crore boys!

So who is responsible for this?
Many people think that poor, uneducated kill their girl childs. But the story of Dr. Meetu Khurana shows the other side of the coin. She is a well-educated and from a posh family that was rich enough but she was forced to undergo the ultrasonic test. The result said she was going to give birth to twin girls. She was pushed down the stairs! She thought of dying but somehow she called her father who took her home. When she gave birth to the twins the husband’s side never came to see! Yet she went back to her husband’s family. She had to caress her kids alone. She once wanted to go out and she asked her mother-in law to carry one of the babies. The moron threw her down the stairs. The baby escaped! God is great! This did not happen in an uneducated family! Mitu’s husband was an orthopedic surgeon, her father-in-law was a professor! The mother-in-law was a vice-principal. Her husband’s sisters were one a PhD scholar, other a teacher!

A researcher says the is list is not complete, there are IAS officers, professors, multi-national company employees and Health department people as well in the list. The people who kill the fetus do it as a package. The doctors do a scan plus an abortion. Who gave you the right to kill the god given gift?

How did this all start?
Once upon a time people believed that all the problems we face is due to population. The government officials told poor people in government hospitals that killing female fetus would help them and only a male fetus was allowed to breathe. But the vicious cycle went on to all the private hospitals. The instruments used in determining sex are expensive but break even quick, the return of investment is quick. Meena Sharma and Shirpal Shaktawat are the two journalists who performed a sting operation to show how the doctors bargain for an abortion. The doctors say that the baby will be born dead! Else you can throw her in the Yamuna. The journalists were the sufferers they had to attend different courts. The cases couldn’t be dealt with in a fast track court at least.

Today’s world is missing the mothers to be, sisters to-be and the leaders to-be. The women are being seen as a commodity and in places like rajasthan women are bought for marriage and re-sold. Are we in the democratic country? This is a country whose president is a woman, the loksabha speaker is a woman, the UPA chairperson is a woman still the worst sufferer of this country is a woman. Why can’t the Government arrange a fast track court to resolve all these cases? Support Aaamirs’ cause.

let the girl child be alive

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