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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Invitation to AMALGAM 2012 | Feb 3rd-5th | IIT Madras


We, at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IITM would like to invite you for Amalgam 2012. Amalgam is scheduled between 3rd-5th February, 2012. Amalgam is our way of saluting technology and innovation. From IDP to Paper Presentation, Amalgam has everything that would quench the thirst of the inquisitive mind of an engineer. Industry Defined Problem

An event that invites technical solutions to burning issues in Industries ranging from fabrication to R&D bottlenecks. Amalgam 2012 is likely to partner esteemed company like Thejus.
Prize Money- 15k
Amalgam 2012 boasts of intellect flow like never before with a Video Conference from TU Darmstadt, Germany

Paper & Poster Presentation

An event where the gentle fingers of science sense the first few pulses of invention born out of it. An apt platform to publish your work and to pay honour to those consuming hours at the laboratories.
Prize Money-18k
Big Fight
By far one of the most engaging, interactive and high profile events in Amalgam, bringing together academia and industry on the stage. This is one panel discussion not to be missed.

The SoME (Spirit of Materials Engineering) exhibit is yet another aspect which one just cant afford to miss in Amalgam 2012. The aerogels, metallic foams, thermochromic materials, gravity defying fluids, magic sand & shape memory alloys are all set to take your passion of engineering and your understanding of materials to depths unexplored.

Events that discover and nurture ideas that lie dormant under the warmth of an ingenious mind characterize Amalgam. Puzzle Champ, Jaagruthi, How things Work, Project X, Pot Pourri, Quizzes, Industrial Lectures, Material Hunt and other such Unwind events. In a nutshell, Amalgam provides a pleasant glimpse of what the paradise of engineering has in store for the one with the right mix of talent and passion.

Team Amalgam 2012 cordially invites you for this three day tribute to Technology and Innovation. Be there to witness history.
For further details: http://amalgam.iitm.ac.in/
Best Regards
Amalgam 2012 Team
Dept. Of MME, IIT Madras

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