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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

IIST presents Conscientia 2012 (Mar 1 - Mar 4)

Conscientia 2012 , Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
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The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) is proud to present the fourth edition of our Tech/Astro fest, Conscientia. Conscientia 2012 is set to shoot even higher this time around. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response in the last few years, we are more than happy to present what promises to be a bigger and better fest for everyone.

The four-day fest kicks off on March 1 at our pristine campus in Valiamala near Trivandrum, Kerala.

We've already begun our online events. If you're looking to win books worth up to Rs.3000/- from flipkart, do visit our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Conscientia.iist and participate in rand(x) - a simple competition where the top commenter on our daily photograph wins.

Webbed, our famous web maze kicks off on Feb 3. Visit http://www.conscientia.co.in to participate.


Delta Wing Design, Fabrication and Flying - 3 day workshop organised by Aerotrix. Teams of upto 5 members may register.

Swarm Robotics - 2 day workshop organised by RoboTech Labs. Teams of upto 5 members may register.

Android Development - 2 day workshop organised by RoboTech. Rs. 1200/- per individual.

Sixth Sense Robotics - 2 day workshop organised by ARK Technosolutions. Teams of upto 5 members may register.

Register at http://www.conscientia.co.in


Astronomy - Stargazer much? Think your universe of knowledge can get you places? This is for you!

Circuiter - Is Logic Circuit Designing your thing? Come show us! Or maybe you're not a hardcore electronics guy. Well, just tell us how you'd have done in a time when there was no electricity.

Mechamorphosis- For the mechanical engineer inside you. And for that six year old kid who likes to rip things apart. Ice cream bridges are fun!

Kaleidoscope- Miscellaneous events including paper presentations and all-night gaming.

Cyberia- Our online events - mazes, quizzes, some coding maybe? 0r 4r3 ¥0µ m0r3 0ƒ 4 (0Ð1n9 p3r$0n?

Bot in the Act- Line follower, robot wars, racing. What's not to love!

Naturalis- A place for all those million-dollar ideas in your head.

Air Strike- We're a space institute! We can't deny you this! Are you game for powered aircrafts? Maybe some water rockets? Trust us, those are cool.

Register at http://www.conscientia.co.in

If you're looking to stay for a while, here's what you need to know for accommodation: http://conscientia.co.in/hospitality/index.html

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