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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Total Genius Campus: play the energy mix

Total Genius Campus: play the energy mix
Total - a major player in the global oil industry - has for some time been committed to a policy of
energy diversification, with major investments in solar and bio-fuels. Determined to promote the
synergy between different types of energy, Total has launched Genius, play the energy mix! -
a serious simulation game allowing students worldwide to confront the 21st century's energy
management issues.
An online management game for students and professors
Students can sign up to play Genius, play the energy mix! on www.totalgeniuscampus.com. A
number of resources are available on this site for professors who would like to use the game as
an educational tool. During the game, players are invited to manage the energy needs of a virtual
country – Geniusland.
This includes:
• budget and investment management
• installation of production units to fulfill the energy demand
• interaction with members of the government and special interest groups
• urgent decisions when faced with political and climatic events
The winners will be the individual players and teams who have worked out the optimal energy mix
and gained the highest scores in the game.
Playing the game takes about 30 minutes which represents a 5 year time span in Geniusland.
The players may start over again as many times as they want.
Why participate?
A strong educational dimension
For students
• Gain an understanding of the budgetary, political and environmental issues linked to
different types of energy use.
• Learn to optimize the energy mix and become an expert in energy planning.
• Network with other students with a shared interest in energy management.
For professors
• An innovative and relevant tool to help build students' understanding of the complex
issues related to new energy and the environment.
• A media library with exclusive educational content.
• Dozens of quizzes on a range of energy related themes.
A global competition
With Genius, Total is inviting students from around the world to participate in a challenge taking
place during two competition periods: November 2011 and early 2012. Each period represents a
separate five year timespan in Geniusland. Players may participate in and win either or both of the
competition periods.
Students can sign up to participate alone or as a team, with prizes reserved for the best individual
and team performances. When signing up, the player's University will automatically be registered
so that prizes can also be awarded to the highest-scoring Universities.
Key dates
• Registration is now open on www.totalgeniuscampus.com.
• Competition period one runs from October 31st until November 28th, 2011.
• Competition period two will run in early 2012.
Many prizes to be won
For the top players
• Total stock portfolios worth up to €1,500, digital cameras, digital tablets, sound
system speakers.
For the top teams
• 1 VIP weekend in Paris and a visit of the Total headquarters, digital tablets, digital
camcorders, digital cameras, multi-cards adapters.
For the 3 top Universities
• 2 students selected by the institution will be invited to attend Total's Summer School
for 1 week in Paris
How do I get involved?
For more information on Genius, play the energy mix! and to access the media library, log onto
If you have any questions and would like to receive a short tutorial, or communication materials
(flyers, posters, etc.), contact us at uni@totalgeniuscampus.com.
Have fun and good luck with Total Genius!
Further Information on Total
Total: Key facts
• The world's 5th largest internationally quoted integrated oil group.
• The top eurozonecompany in terms of market capitalization, with 93.2 billion Euro
on 12/31/10.
• 159.3 billion Euro in sales in 2010.
• 92,855 employees.
• 20 US$ billion invested in 2011.
• Production of 2.38 million barrels a day.
• R&D budget of 715 million € in 2010.
Total and New Energies
• November 2007: Total creates Gas and Power.
• June 2010: Total invests in the American startup, Amyris, to produce biofuels which
do not compete with the food industry.
• November 2010: Total and the China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) form a
partnership to investigate constructing a coal to olefins factory in China.
• March 2011: Total in a World First with Subsea Gas/Liquid Separation in 800 Meters
of Water for the Pazflor Project in Angola
• April 2011: Total buys Sun Power, the top solar power company in the USA

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