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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Henkel Innovation Challenge - Participation Invite

Henkel proudly present "Henkel Innovation Challenge". This on-line
business game is an ideal opportunity for students to showcase their
creativity and develop a business plan for a new product or technology.

• Benefits for students:
• Get to know one of the world's leading Companies
• Translate theoretical knowledge into practice
• Network with corporate managers and senior leaders
• Experience personalized mentor-ship program
• Prove their presentation, intercultural and social skills
• Demonstrate their creative potential and innovative approach
• Compete with the best students: i) At National Level - in the
national final in Mumbai ii) From teams selected globally from 22
participating countries - in the international final in Poland.
The final winning team receives a ticket around the world plus € 1,000
in travel vouchers!

- Who can participate:
Students from all courses (any year) - business management,
engineering, chemistry - can participate.
This year, 22 countries are participating in the game. The game went
live on September 1, 2011 and submissions are open till December 12, 2011

• How students can participate:
To participate, students are asked to build up a team of 2 and submit
an innovative idea for a Henkel product or technology which
contributes to promoting sustainable development. They are guided to
come up with a concept by filling in the following questions on-line
(at http://www.henkelchallenge.com ):

• Tell your vision of life in 2030: what future trends do you expect?
• What will the market needs be according to your vision?
• What is your innovation? Describe your idea for a Henkel product or
•How does your idea contribute to promoting sustainable development in
at least one Henkel focal area?

- Which support we expect from you:
As you know, engaging under real working conditions can be extremely
educational and highly motivating for students. On top of this, your
educational establishment can also demonstrate its creative potential
and innovative approach. Please circulate the mail to all your
students and encourage them to log-on http://www.henkelchallenge.com
to participate

Students can reach Henkel at Henkelchallenge.India@in.henkel.com any
time for further information/queries.

Yours faithfully,

Henkel Innovation Challenge – Team India

Check out the guidelines on our homepage: http://www.henkelchallenge.com

Become our fan on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/henkelchallenge

Follow us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/henkelchallenge

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