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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hi user of IKNOWLEDGE,

There is a lot of need for interns in the present day engineering and other colleges as they are important for the GRE,CAT etc etc

But i feel some of the students have taken path of intern instead of doing projects.

For certified interns visit (or for pocket money)

For interns pool sourced by different companies by http://www.btechguru.com/jobs/ , www.timesjobs.com , www.shine.com

or if you have soo much free time and Internet and want to earn some coins for yourself then join paisalive.com, or troopp.com or www.iknowledge.hpage.com (you can find more about creating your own website or blog through our website CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE tab)

And the following is a suggestion from IKNOWLEDGE with experience

When you are aiming for a higher degree like MS ,MBA or seat in MIT first find out the interest of your self to work with i.e think about at-least 7 years down the line from your btech/degree completion so that you will have a decision on what you want.And once if you know what you want and what you do not know it is very easy to learn. And what i feel is more important in the aspiring people is not the No of interns they did or projects they did but how many did they do which they like and got them with intention .

So it is very important that whether you did some thing for your resume points or for your life ambition .

Thank you
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