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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bhumi Mirror - September 2011

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Bhumi is Five!
"Bhumi will be a success only when India doesn't need Bhumi" – Read the excerpt of Bhumi's co founder Dr.Prahalathan's speech at the volunteer awards ceremony on Bhumi's Founding Day -August 15. While every Bhumian is an agent of change, here are Bhumi's Changemakers of 2010-2011, and while every Bhumian bears the torch proudly, some have lifted it so high that they make all of us proud! Here are Bhumi's Torchbearers of 2010-2011.

You might also want to check out the citations of each of the Awardees.

1109 JGWParticipate in the national festival of giving - the Joy of Giving Week and support Bhumi and its initiatives. The India Giving Challenge is happening this year too, your contributions could help Bhumi win matching grants from Give India.
Give Red

In commemoration of Teachers' Day, two of our volunteers share their wonderful experiences with Bhumi's Little Einsteins and Make a Difference programmes.

Design for Change is the largest global movement designed to give children an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action. Children from Bhumi's centres have submitted more than fifty ideas and will be designing and doing change in the coming weeks. We wish the kids and their mentors the best! :-)

In the News : Pudhiya Thalaimurai Kalvi article titled 'They are teachers too' about Bhumi; Magazine dated 12 Sep 2011;
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Siragugal 2011 Flash Back

'Losers quit when they are tired. Winners quit when they have won.' Each and every single kid who was out there on Siragugal was a winner! An account of Siragugal Sports day.

When 3 months of hard work from every member of the Bhumi family took the shape of a beautiful event over a weekend, the joy each of us experienced was priceless, take a look at Siragugal Culturals day.

The Siragugal Science Exhibition has been a major attraction at Siragugal every year. Read how extravagant this year's theme and exhibits were and how these kept the children glued to these rooms.
Volunteer Den: Sownaj, Kanini @ P.V.Rao Home

Sownaj, tell us a little about yourself 1109 Sownaj
I am from Kerala, a mechanical engineer working at Cognizant, for the past two years. My hobbies include reading, writing and facebooking. I am passionate about writing, travelling and music. I write poems and stories, which might come as a shock to many.

You've been with Bhumi since 2008. How has it been?
It has been a long journey (since 2008) and one which I hope wouldn't end any time soon. Bhumi has given me a lot of good experiences and the learning continues. The Kanini program has also given me a lot of satisfaction.

What's your personal vision for the Kanini programme?
To develop a top-class approach to teach students computers incorporating modern methods kindling the student's imagination and giving them a wider platform to succeed.

Any memorable experiences with your children?
My batch of students from PVRao Children's Home did exceedingly well at Kanini's Computer Quest last year. The kind of pride their faces showed after that competition was well worth every second I spent with them.

Five years from now, what would Sownaj be doing?
Frankly speaking, I don't plan ahead...because my plans always go awry...Live in this moment that's my motto…but, I can tell you for sure that I would be still with Bhumi five years from now. That's a promise!!!

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