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Thursday, December 13, 2012

IIT Hyderabad's Technical-cum-cultural Festival: ELAN : 18th to 20th January 2013

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The annual technical-cum-cultural student festival of IIT Hyderabad, ELAN, which is ready with the launch of its 4th edition, scheduled to be held from 18th to 20th January 2013.  Ever since its inception in 2010, ELAN has grown bigger and better and has evolved into the numero uno student festivals of Andhra Pradesh.

Each year, in a small corner of the city of Hyderabad, there occurs a celebration. Each year, it gets bigger and sows little seeds of happiness among thousands of people. And, each year, people look forward to its next coming... But in this year of years, everyone is unsure of what to do, of what to expect. Yes, we are talking about IIT Hyderabad's festival 'ELAN'.
  Highlight Events:
  • Robo EpicDesign an RC bot capable of self defense man-oeuvres and traversing hurdle laden paths.
  • Pirates:  Make a wired/wireless bot which can float on water and can perform pick-n-place task (Like manipulating cubes and ball).

  • Code Swallop:  Battleground for programming geeks in fields like algorithm design and data encryption.
  • Junkyard Wars: An ultimate platform to test one's creativity and ability to innovate with limited resources.
  • Electronic Bloopers: A chance to innovate using the skills and knowledge you have got with the help of capacitors, resistors etc. 
  • MUN: A simulation of the United Nations providing a platform for creative debate, and professional crisis management.

  • Film Fare Fiesta:  A short movie-making competition.
  • Elan-e-Jung:  Clash of the biggest bands on the same stage,Elan's distinctive special.
  • Break Free:  Get on with the dance! Let your joy be unconfined in front of your favorite youth icon.

  • Manthan: An ultimate platform for the fusion bands to fuse up the music on their bass guitars.

And many more surprises for you all.
Prizes worth 4 lacs to be won in 60+ competitions.

Download our ELAN Android App for daily updates from http://ngo.ik7.in
Download our ELAN Android App for daily updates from http://ngo.ik7.in

For further details visit: http://www.elan.org.in/
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Anuj Gangwar
Core Team Member,
ELAN 2013.

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