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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Techkriti'12: Electronic Circuit Design Competition -ECDC


Passion is the genesis of genius!

What excites you?
Speed, games, getting edge over others?
We got it all!

Beat the speed with your own tachometer, use your ecstatic addiction to
make your own wireless gamepad and show your skills at analogic

So Techkriti, the Annual Technical and Entrepreneurship Festival of
IIT-Kanpur brings to you the much awaited, ECDC: Electronic Circuit Design

For more information visit : http://techkriti.org/#/competitions/ecdc/

Registration have already started.
To Register visit http://www.techkriti.org/MemberProfile/register

Best Wishes,
Team Techkriti'12
IIT Kanpur

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  1. Nice post on Technical and Entrepreneurship. love to see this blog post


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