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Friday, September 14, 2012

Access free content for all engineering departments Till 30SEP2012

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Wiley Blackwell. Engineering Update.
India Engineers Day - September 15th
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Structural & Mechanical Engineering Journals
Structural & Mechanical Engineering Journals
Enjoy Top Articles:
[FREE] Semiactive fuzzy control of the seismic response of building frames with MR dampers
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
[FREE] Optimal static output feedback control of a building using an MR damper
Structural Control and Health Monitoring
[FREE] Response of wind-excited benchmark building installed with dampers
The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings
[FREE] Application of statistical learning algorithms to ultimate bearing capacity of shallow foundation on cohesionless soil
Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
[FREE] Adaptive Quality Guided Phase Unwrapping Algorithm for Whole-Field Digital Photoelastic Parameter Estimation of Complex Models
[FREE] Determining the double-K fracture parameters for three-point bending notched concrete beams using weight function
Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures
[FREE] A Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Hybrid Laminate Composite Structures
Computer Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
[FREE] International code harmonization: the role of the Asian Concrete Model Code
Structural Concrete
[FREE] A parametric investigation of the friction performance of electroless Ni-B coatings
Lubrication Science
[FREE] Digital Reflection Photoelasticity Using Conventional Reflection Polariscope
Experimental Techniques
Read more FREE articles in Structural and Mechanical Engineering
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Numerical Engineering Journals
Numeriacal Engineering Journals cluster
Enjoy Top Articles:
[FREE] On the performance of strain smoothing for quadratic and enriched finite element approximations (XFEM/GFEM/PUFEM)
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
[FREE] Numerical and analytical simulation of peristaltic flows of generalized Oldroyd-B fluids (cited)
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids
[FREE] Numerical study on peristaltic flow of generalized burgers' fluids in uniform tubes in the presence of an endoscope
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering
[FREE] State feedback stabilization of uncertain linear time-delay systems: A nonlinear matrix inequality approach
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
[FREE] An efficient neural network approach for nanoscale FinFET modelling and circuit simulation
International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields
[FREE] Reliability-based Robust Design Optimization: A Multi-objective Framework Using Hybrid Quality Loss Function
Quality and Reliability Engineering International
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Books and Major Reference Works
Enjoy selected free chapters from our leading book titles:
Elements of Structural Dynamics: A New Perspective
Elements of Structural Dynamics:
A New Perspective

Debasish Roy, G. V. Rao
High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering
High Voltage and Electrical
Insulation Engineering

Ravindra Arora, Wolfgang Mosch
Advances in Computational Dynamics of Particles, Materials and Structures
Advances in Computational
Dynamics of Particles, Materials
and Structures

Jason Har, Kumar Tamma
Cable-Stayed Bridges
Cable-Stayed Bridges
Holger Svensson
Steel Structures
Steel Structures
Rolf Kindmann, Matthias Kraus
Building Physics - Heat, Air and Moisture
Building Physics - Heat, Air
and Moisture

Hugo S. L. C. Hens
Read Top Articles from our Online Reference Works:
[FREE] The Role of Wind Tunnel Experiments in CFD Validation
Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering
[FREE] Models and finite elements for thin-walled structures
Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics
Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

We need your help : iKnowledge Recruiting Socially Motivated Web Designers

Guys as I said before I will surely shift to a better hosting.So I did.I bought 5000Rs worth hosting for 6 months.

So if you know any LINUX WEB HOSTING based webdesign i.e php or joomla or wordpress or drupal or any other compatible web coding with LINUX hosting.
Please drop your name phone number email id,resume along with your previous work/websites which you made at CAREER@IK7.IN

And you will be issued with a CERTIFICATE after a complete Month of functional time of website and if the work is very nice we will refer you to the offers we get through iKnowledge network. And of course I will give 1000Rs of this months stipend to the web designers.

Right now we have three websites to design all are same as IKNOWLEDGE but in different webhosting.

Work will be to completely create a PHOTO COPYs of iKnowledge in our new hosting and make it functional for one month to see if there are any bugs.


And we found a complete free solution for  new websites with professional hosting and design ..So if you want to obtain those details you have send in your complete details on what you going to work on and what is the motto .Because these free solutions are only for those who work for society not for business purpose.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Young India Fellowship Programme : Application Deadline - 15th Nov 2012

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Young India Fellowship Programme

Admissions Information
Class of 2013-14

The Young India Fellowship Programme (YIFP) is a unique holistic, multi-disciplinary programme focused on the Liberal Arts and run in association with the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). This one-year residential post-graduate programme brings together a group of bright young men and women from around India with the aim of creating India's next batch of socially conscious leaders. Fellows take classes in a range of subject areas that cover anthropology to ethics, life sciences to climate change, art appreciation to entrepreneurship. They are mentored by the most outstanding corporate, civil society and academic leaders in the country.

YIFP is delivered completely free of charge to students and is supported by a network of well-known corporate leaders, social activists, researchers and entrepreneurs. The University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is YIFP's academic partner and has helped design curriculum and provide faculty. The Young India Fellowship Programme is the precursor to Ashoka University, India's first specialist Liberal Arts university, which is under development at Rajiv Gandhi Education City in Sonepat, Haryana.  

Website Link : www.youngindiafellowship.com


This postgraduate programme is open to:
  • Fresh undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Students who are in the final year of their undergraduate degree
  • Those who have completed their undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree and have worked straight after that for not more than two years
  • There is no restriction with respect to the area of specialisation
  • There is no restriction with respect to the medium of instruction (English, Hindi, regional language) that the applicant has been exposed to at the school level. However, she/he should be able to converse, read and write in English given that the medium of instruction in the programme is English
  • All Indian nationals
  • Upper age limit is 28 years

Each applicant will be evaluated on a combination of the following criteria:
  • Demonstrated talent in the domain of their interest
  • Demonstrated passion to learn things beyond the prescribed curriculum
  • Good academic record, both at the school and college level
  • Involvement and achievement in extra-curricular activities
  • Performance in interviews
  • Potential to benefit from the Young India Fellowship Programme

Given the unique nature of the programme there is no "one" kind of profile for a Young India Fellow. However, the following points are being presented to give a broad idea of what we look for. A Young India Fellow could be someone who has:
  • A deep-rooted ambition to make an impact and a passion for an idea or issue which could have wider social/business/academic implications
  • The humility to believe that he/she needs to learn more and an appreciation of the limitations of his/her specialised undergraduate degree
  • The willingness to think differently and chart a new course
  • A demonstrated ability to overcome challenges
  • Qualities of integrity, self-awareness, energy, initiative and open-mindedness
  • An above-average academic record

Applicants must submit a detailed application dossier, from which a group is selected for a telephone or in-person interview.

Submission of detailed application dossier :

Applicants can choose one of the following two ways to get a copy of the application form:
·         Apply online by registering himself/herself on the YIFP website
·         Download the application form from the YIFP website

The selection process will be carried out in three stages:
1.      Assessment on basis of submitted applications: All applications will be reviewed by the selection committee consisting of faculty and executive members of the programme spread across different parts of the world. Hence, it is advisable that you apply online.
2.      Telephonic interview: Wherever necessary, applicants will be interviewed on the telephone before being called for an in-person interview.
3.      In-person interview: First-round applicants who are short-listed will be interviewed in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore while the 2nd-round applicants shortlisted for interview will be called to New Delhi. There could be multiple rounds of interviews for a candidate, depending on the need for further assessment. At this stage, applicants will also be administered a general ability test to assess their verbal, written and analytical skills.

Final selection will be based on the applicant's successful performance at all of these stages.

The YIFP follows a rolling admission process, split into two rounds. The admission schedule for these two rounds is included here.

Schedule for Class of 2013-14 Admissions:

1.      Applications open for 1st round                                             1st Sept 2012
2.      Last date to submit applications for 1st round                       15th Nov 2012
3.      In-person interviews for 1st-round applicants                         15th Dec 2012-15th Jan 2013
4.      Applications open for 2nd round                                            16th Nov 2012
5.      Final offers to 1st-round applicants                                        1st Feb-10th Feb 2013
6.      Last date to submit applications for 2nd round                       28th Feb 2013
7.      In-person interviews for 2nd-round applicants                        15th Mar-15th Apr 2013
8.      Final offers to applicants interviewed for 2nd round               25th Apr-30th Apr 2013
9.      Final offers to wait-listed applicants                                        5th May-10th May 2013

Please visit the website:

Thanks & Regards,
Admissions Team
The Young India Fellowship Programme

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Bonaza @ iKnowledge : Application deadline 07PM08-09-2012 SATURDAY

Weekend Bonaza @ iKnowledge : Application deadline 07PM08-09-2012 SATURDAY

As iKnowledge promised your before We are rolling out monthly 1000Rs from my personal Stipend...So if you wish to grab your share participate in competitions in iKnowledge...Which is going to start from 07PM08-09-2012 SATURDAY

Who ever is interested can drop a email at competitions@ik7.in with the following details clearly.
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And a write up of 2000Letters on How you wish to use iKnowledge for your career or education and how iKnowledge helps you make your dream.

Remember this is letters limit not words..And there is a deadline for this application application should be received by 07PM08-09-2012 SATURDAY As soon as you send your application you will receive a unique competitions for your own and if you finish it you will receive your money either in MO or In RECHARGE or in SBI ACCOUNT TRANSFER

Privacy : The information you send in this application will not be shown to any others.

This email has been sent to 700 email ids registered with iKnowledge .But any one can forward it to any number of people to make them win.

Thank You in advance for forwarding this email to your friends and friends of friends.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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